Xiaomi Firmware Updater First Anniversay!

Published on January 18, 2019

Wow, I still can’t believe that my project is one year old now!

A year passed

It’s been a long year, which passed very quickly. During this year, there were many updates, many changes, many challenges, and many new contributions.

Since Jan 2018 the project has evolved a lot:

  • from supporting only 30 devices, to support all Xiaomi qcom devices!
  • from using CI to using Linux server
  • from V1 to V4.6 now!
  • from using shell in all scripts to python (expect one script which will be updated soon )
  • from doing everything manually to be an almost completely automated project.

In just one year, we’ve made some milestones:

  • The project expanded to 7 scripts for tracking miui updates, tracking devices, tracking open-source kernel releases, creating flashable firmware files, provide firmware, nonarb firmware, and firmwareless ROMs.
  • The project has been selected as one of “Projects of the Week, November 5, 2018” on SourceForge
  • Many websites wrote about us: XDA - 4PDA - Android Community - Gizchina - Piunikaweb
  • We launched our website in December.
  • And we made some good statistics (AndroidFileHost and Basketbuild are not listed):
    • More than 829K view on xda (all devices)
    • 49K download from GitHub.
    • 135K download from SourceForge. (Since April to December)
    • 7K download from OSDN. (Since December to Today)
    • 27K visit on our website (Since December to Today)
    • 12.2$ and 15.2€ donations
    • 316 Star on all Github repos.
    • 4800+ subscriber on telegram channel.

What’s the next?

We’ll continue providing the best services to Xiaomi users! Here’s a part of our plan for this year:

  • Improving the website, adding the missing features like other firmware variants and so.
  • Keep adding newly released devices, just as we used to do. I know Redmi Note 7 is launched will add it later.
  • Making our own app! This step is too late, but I promise we’ll make an app you’ll like
  • (maybe) providing vendor+firmware for project treble devices, I’ve been suggested this from Mi MIX 2S users, but I’m not sure if I can handle it alongside with all other things running on the server.

We want to hear from you

We’ve been together for one year I’d like to hear your thoughts, feel free to suggest any edits or new feature, all contributions are more than welcome

Supporting the project

This project is completely free, it uses Linux server to do the all automated jobs, away from the development process which takes a lot of time and effort, this costs us a lot of expenses if you want to support the project you can donate via PayPal. Thanks for all supporters!