Redmi Note 1S 4G Global MIUI V8.5.1.0.KHKMIED Update

MIUI V8.5.1.0.KHKMIED Stable Official Update for Redmi Note 1S 4G Global (gucci)

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  • Device: Redmi Note 1S 4G Global
  • Codename: gucci
  • Version: V8.5.1.0.KHKMIED
  • Branch: Stable
  • Type: Recovery
  • Size: 887.9 MB
  • Release Date: 2017-06-23
  • Package Name:
  • MD5: 01ec5441a2f09c791bfe7a709ae903fa
  • Download:
  • Changelog:

    New - Separate App locks for Dual apps(02-08)
    New - Option for hiding the content of notifications on Lock screen(03-16)
    New - Manage autostart for multiple system apps(07-01)
    Optimization - Use search to select your time zone(04-06)
    New - Verification SMS are shown on the Lock screen only after the Lock screen password is entered(02-22)
    [Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
    Optimization - Restricting app's notifications without restricting toasts(01-17)
    Optimization - Option for never requiring the Lock screen password(03-21)
    Fix - Date error in Notification shade(01-17)
    Fix - Bluetooth earphones battery status error(01-17)
    Fix - FC issues during the final steps of adding a fingerprint(02-28)
    Fix - Mi Band 2 couldn't unlock a phone after a reboot(02-28)
    Fix - Notification shade didn't appear after swiping down in some cases(03-07)
    Fix - Screen didn't light up whenever a message with a verification code was received(03-07)
    Fix - Lock screen notifications were blank in some cases(03-17)
    Fix - Low battery prompt didn't disappear from the Lock screen after the device was charged(03-17)
    Fix - Couldn't connect to the personal hotspot if it was turned on in the Notification shade(03-17)
    [Home screen]
    Optimization - Swipe up to remove a task in Recents(01-18)
    Optimization - Third party app icons(03-17)
    Optimization - Open the Weather app using the weather clock widget(03-21)
    Fix - Errors in the landscape mode of Recents(01-17)
    Fix - Cleaner couldn't fix background activity for Dual apps in some cases(02-28)
    Fix - Issues with the positions of icons after restoring Home screen layout from Mi Cloud(03-07)
    New - Slide to browse wallpapers(02-22)
    Optimization - Network connection prompt for the situations when mobile data is used(02-22)
    New - Text editing module in the photo editor(02-14)
    New - Renaming albums(02-27)
    Optimization - Use search to select your time zone(04-06)
    New - Manage autostart for multiple system apps(07-01)