Xiaomi Firmware Updater Changelog 2 - New logo, Patreon and more!

Welcome to Xiaomi Firmware Updater’s changelogs, where we go over changes in the last weeks and announce some updates about next steps.


This week we’ve got a new logo! It’s simple and represents the project in a good design. The gear indicates to “Firmware”, the arrows for “Updates”, and the chosen color for Xiaomi devices :D Thanks for everyone voted on logo suggested designs on Telegram channel.

After discussing the best way to improve the project earning in order to ensure that it’ll continue with our supporters, Xiaomi Firmware Updater is now available on Patreon! Be the first one to support the project here.

Xiaomi Firmware Updater Main Script Changes:

MIUI Updates Tracker Changes:

Other Changes:

The website got its share of updates as well, Here’s what’s changed:

Xiaomi Certification Tracker which I wrote about last changlog is done, it scrapes and tracks Xiaomi products certification info from various websites like:

It also generates all-in-one compare table, you can check it Here.

That’s everything for this week, and see you soon in a next changlog!